Kick Those Bed Bugs to the Curb

Hire a reliable bed bug exterminator out of Marshall, MI

If your home is infested with bed bugs, you need to find an experienced bed bug exterminator right away.

Your search is over-the trained crew at Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC, out of Marshall, MI, can handle your bed bug infestation, big or small. We are certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators for General Pest Management. Every situation is different and we are equipped and experienced to handle your individual needs. We'll work quickly to make this experience a distant memory.

To learn about our unique technique for removing bed bugs from your home, go to the Heat Treatments page now.

Stay away from harsh chemicals

You know that bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. But do you really want a bed bug exterminator to pump chemicals into your home?

You don't need to worry because Michigan Bed Bug Specialists provides safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable bed bug removal services called Bio-Pesticide Treatment and Bed Bug Heat Treatments.

Call us right away to schedule a bed bug treatment for your home, out of Marshall, MI. You can rest easy knowing that your home isn't contaminated by chemicals.

Bed Bugs Make Bad Roommates

Count on us to keep your home free of bed bugs

What sets Michigan Bed Bug Specialists apart?

You don't want bed bugs to call your house their home. But if they do, Michigan Bed Bug Specialists is here to help.

Our skilled team goes the extra mile with each and every bed bug treatment. Many homeowners in Marshall, MI and the surrounding areas count on us because:

  • We use state-of-the art equipment
  • We get rid of bed bugs in one visit
  • We provide discrete services

Michigan Bed Bug Specialists tailors treatments to individual circumstances. Our main treatment process is heat treatments but we are also commercially licensed to use pesticides and sometimes incorporate both treatments in order to ensure the most successful treatment possible. We are very successful and confident in the heat treatment but like to incorporate the pesticide treatment also for added protection. We strive to be the best in the business and take pride in our work. The pesticide is not required and is an option for the homeowner. The heat assault equipment is the most effective and most powerful bed bug thermal remediation equipment on the market. The equipment uses forced convection technology which results in a high rate of temperature gain and a uniform spread of these temperatures across the treatment area. The heat permeates through walls and furniture more effectively. With Michigan Bed Bug Specialists there is usually no need to throw away expensive furniture. 

Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.