Answering Your Questions About Bed Bug Heat treatment

Like most homeowners, you probably freaked out when you found out you have bedbugs in your home. And now you’re wondering what’s the way forward.

The only way to make your home bed bugs-free is by finding an effective bed bugs treatment. The two most available treatments are:

    • Heat treatment
    • Pesticide application

The best option between the two is the heat treatment. The number one heat treatment method in the market today is the heat assault 500X system.

Need more information on heat treatment? Read on to find out.


The heat treatment method uses a system meant to raise your home’s temperatures to 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature kills bedbugs while eliminating their eggs as well.

It takes a maximum of 2hours to eradicate all the bed bugs through heat treatment.


Contact a bed bug specialist and schedule a heat treatment as soon as you find out you have bed bugs in your home.

However, you have to prepare your home first to avoid heat treatment damage.


There’s really not much preparation since you’re not supposed to move anything. Let your furniture be the way they are. The experts will know what to do.

You can only remove flammable items and those that can melt: alcohol, books, perishable food, and any other paper stuff. 

And when removing these items, make sure you’re not transporting the bed bugs with these items.

You can also make sure to turn off your AC, close all windows and vacuum and clean the house before the heat treatment.

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