Are Home Remedies Efficient For Bed Bug Elimination?

One thing is clear; bed bugs are challenging to get rid of. Despite the many existing techniques, pest control for bed bugs still proves a challenge. 

However, that doesn’t mean you sit and relax and wait for these creatures to render you powerless in your home.

In a world of DIY everything, like every other homeowner, you need the home remedies that work on these bugs. Some of the most common home remedies against bed bugs include:

    • Vacuuming frequently
    • Crushing them
    • Frequent laundering with hot water
    • Regular cleaning

The truth is that some home remedies, as effective as they may sound, might not eliminate the bed bugs.

What is the other option?

Bed bugs hide in small crevices as small as inside a mattress or cushion, and to eliminate them, you need to get to where they hide. That is why an expert intervention is recommended.

Most home remedies, if they work, will only eliminate the bed bugs you see, so what about the ones you don’t see?

This only means home remedies are not enough. The best way is to hire pest control and extermination services.

Are professional bed bug elimination methods better?

Absolutely yes.

The professionals have come up with innovative bed bug treatments.

Some of the treatments include using the heat treatment method, which utilizes the Heat Assault 500X, which is the most effective and safest pest extermination technique.

Unlike the pesticide application, heat treatment will ensure complete extermination of both the seen and unseen bedbugs and doesn’t leave a residue.

Need pest control and extermination services?

Hire Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC. We are the bed bug experts in Marshall, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need a home inspection or you already know you have a pest problem, get in touch with us. We use some of the best techniques in the market, and we are always happy to help.