Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Heat treatment has been crowned as one of the safest and most effective strategies in getting rid of bed bugs.

It involves the use of heat assault equipment which which heats a room for at least 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring bed bugs and their eggs are killed within the shortest time possible.

This temperature also gets to the hard-to-reach areas like voids on walls, carpeting, and other insulated regions. 

The only issue is heat treatment doesn’t leave any residual effects. It is a disadvantage because, without residues, the chances of re infestations are high. Heat treatment is a one-time treatment; it doesn’t prevent bed bugs from bouncing back.

So, what’s the alternative?

A combination of both heat treatment methods and other mechanical and chemical use is the way to go. Take it as the best of both worlds.

So, in conjunction with the heat treatment method, you can also employ the use of:

  • Encasements
    These are specialized covers you can use to zip your mattresses and box springs.
    These materials are not only bed bug bite proof, but the encasing also makes it impossible for new bugs to enter, and the trapped ones get suffocated to death.
  • Bed bug receptors
    These are not an elimination method; they are devices used to verify and monitor the infestation of bed bugs.
    The devices have a vertical and slippery surface, big enough to be set under a bedpost. They trap bed bugs by making it impossible for them to climb off the dish.
  • Targeted pesticide application
    The number one concern for many homeowners is the afterward effect on the environment and the people around them.
    Well, some environmentally conscious pesticides can be suitable for bed bug elimination.
    While chemicals are not fast-acting, a combination with heat treatment is the best course of action.

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