How Effective are Bed Bug Encasements?

You’ve probably heard of encasements when dealing with the bedbugs problem. Encasements are specialized covers used to zip up mattresses and box springs.

These encasements are designed to trap bedbugs inside your mattress, so they suffocate and die, and also to make it impossible for new bed bugs to get into your mattress.

Bedbugs’ first choice of habitat is your bed. However, if they can’t get to your bed, that doesn’t prevent them from inhabiting:

    • Your couch
    • Stuffed animals
    • Rugs and carpets
    • Closets
    • Wardrobes
    • Cracks and crevices on walls
    • And even your headboard

That said, mattress encasements are not a sure bet when used on their own.

It’s more of a preventive measure on one area of your home; it allows you to get rid of bedbugs in your mattress and enables you to take note of newer bedbugs.

What’s an alternative?

If you want to prevent bedbugs from reaching your bed altogether, using bedbug receptors can be an added advantage in conjunction with the encasements, of course.

The receptors are slippery; placing them on each bed leg will trap the bedbugs, and this way, you may probably know the amount of infestation you’re dealing with. 

Just make sure your bed isn’t too close to the wall to facilitate the movement of bedbugs into your bed.

What’s the surefire way?

For complete eradication of bedbugs, hire professional bedbug specialists. These professionals use one of the most effective bed bugs treatment available on the market – heat treatment.

For example, the heat assault 500X system has been proven to be the most secure and safest means of eliminating bedbugs.

For a better and long-term elimination, you can use heat treatment in conjunction with pesticide application. You’ll be getting rid of all the bed bugs plus their eggs.

Then you can enjoy your home free from these pesky pests.

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