Is DIY Pest Control Worth the Risk?

A few things can make your life super unbearable, and bedbugs are the worst. These bloodthirsty creatures can turn your home into a living hell. 

Bedbugs are incredibly invasive and almost impossible to eliminate, and the worst part is, they attack when you’re most vulnerable. 

Having to deal with bedbugs in your home is undoubtedly horrifying, but before you put on your DIY armor, you may want to think twice about eliminating these pests on your own. 

This is why:

    • These pests have become pesticide-resistant
      The most common DIY bed bugs treatment most homeowners would resort to is the use of pesticide application. Unfortunately, certain kinds of bed bugs have become resistant to pesticides. This only means you’ll be doing zero work when you take up the project on your own.
      To top it off, these pesticides are poisonous and can be harmful to both man and animals. Application of these pesticides on your own would mean you’re putting your family and pets at risk.
    • You risk damaging your property
      Bedbugs love to hide in the tiniest of places. You may be dealing with a bedbug infestation in one area, but they are simply migrating to other sites, and before you know it, you’re throwing away your furniture because it’s too infested.
    • You may be putting your neighbors in harm’s way
      DIY bedbug elimination is not only ineffective, but you’re also risking these uncanny pests traveling to your neighbor’s property if you don’t get it right.
      So it would be wise to leave the elimination to the experts; it will be less costly than you think.

And in case you have to do any DIY pest control, invest in the use of bed bug receptors and encasements. 

The encasements will help suffocate the bedbugs already on your bed while preventing new ones from inhabiting your bed.

At least placing receptors on each leg of your bed gives you an estimation of the infestation you’re dealing with. So, think of this as more of a preventive control measure than a treatment method.

The best way you’ll eliminate bed bugs is by seeking help from professionals who utilize heat assault 500X, the safest proven heat treatment method for eliminating bed bugs.

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