Pest Extermination: Chemical vs. Heat Treatment

Are you having trouble with bed bugs? These tiny pests are naturally scary to have in your home. They not only disrupt a peaceful sleep, identifying and dealing with them is always a challenge.

It’s totally normal if they give you chills, but not to worry, experts have found bed bug treatments proven to work effectively:

  • Chemical treatment
  • Heat treatment

Option 1:

Chemical treatment involves pesticide application to eradicate bed bugs. This application is not one-time; the expert has to make several visits to eliminate all the bed bugs.

This method is cost-effective and can be very effective, especially if you find the bugs early. Moreover, it leaves residual chemicals which help prevent future infestation.

The drawback to this method is the chemicals do not kill the bed bug eggs, which leaves room for future infestation.

At the same time, this method is not environmentally friendly or pet friendly; it can also affect people with allergic reactions. To top it all, it requires multiple applications to work.

Option 2:

Heat treatment is about raising the temperatures of the house interior to about 130+ degrees Fahrenheit.

This heat application practically turns the infested room into a heated oven; all bedbugs exposed to the heat will instantly die.

The process is discreet and only a one-time thing that will ensure complete and effective bed bug extermination.

The only drawback to this is, the chances of bed bug reinfestation are high if you fail to keep your home clean since it doesn’t leave a residual effect.

What’s the best pest extermination method?

If you love a one-time eradication, heat treatment it is, and if you want long-lasting protection, chemical treatment is worth a shot.

What we recommend at Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC

Heat treatment is what we recommend to our clients. It is safe and proven to exterminate pests. Besides being eco-friendly and pet-friendly, you don’t have to replace your furniture with heat treatment.

We offer this bed bug eradication solution to the residents of Marshall, MI, and surrounding areas at affordable prices. Hit us up today.