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Nothing could be more uncomfortable and annoying than bed bugs when you’re trying to rest and sleep in peace on your bed at night. 

At Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC, we won’t let those bed bugs bite so you can have the sweetest dreams as you sleep. 

Aside from bed bug treatments, we also offer services such as pest control, pest extermination, heat treatments, home inspections, pesticide application, and much more. 

When it comes to all things bed bugs and pest control, we are the company you need to call. 

Our pest control services are available in the following areas:

Our team comes fully equipped to ensure that we can get rid of those bed bugs and other pests efficiently and safely. 

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit of spread diseases, it is still considered a public health pest by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 

It is an extremely tiny insect, an average of 5mm in length, and can quickly multiply and infest an entire household. 

They won’t necessarily make you sick, but these bed bugs are very irritating as they will feed on your blood and give you those red and itchy bites. 

Some homeowners use vacuum cleaners or even over-the-counter pesticides to remove bed bugs, but truth be told, it is better to be safe than sorry. You must stop these bed bugs from spreading before it gets worse – call a professional for assistance. 

Aside from your mattress, bed bugs usually hide in the seams of chairs or couches, curtain folds, drawer joints, loose wallpaper, and other areas of your room. 

To get rid of bed bugs, you first need to determine whether you will be hiring a professional or if you’re doing it yourself. There are chemical and non-chemical methods to do so. 

Just make sure that if you do this yourself, you are extensively researching and employing the products and materials you use properly. 

There are hundreds of options when it comes to pesticides that professionals use for bed bug treatments. 

At Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC, we are providing the safest and most effective technique to our customers – heat treatment, which also already comes with free pesticide application to prevent further spreading or new growth of bed bugs. 

Heat treatment or heat assault is an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way to get rid of bed bugs. It is safe not only for humans but even for your pets too. 

Learn more about our bed bug treatments here by contacting the pros at Michigan Bed Bug Specialists, LLC today. 

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