What’s the Difference Between Extermination and Pest Control?

When you have a pest problem in your home, the first question that probably comes to your mind is, “how will I get rid of these pests.”.

Pests are a nuisance; they cause discomfort, and they can also cause massive damage to your property which may prove irreparable or expensive to repair.

So, it’s completely understandable when you try every means possible to get rid of them in your home.

Treating your home for pest infestation may require you to apply either of these methods:

    • Pest control
    • Pest extermination

What’s the difference?

Pest extermination, as the name suggests, is to kill and eliminate pests.

Extermination relies heavily on pesticide application to eliminate pests without considering the prevention methods of continued pest activity.

On the other hand, pest control has the same aim of eliminating pests, but it’s a long-term intervention. It’s more about pest management than eradication.

With pest control, the chemicals used are more environmentally friendly, specific to the bugs that you are eliminating. For example, bed bug treatments are specifically for bedbugs.

So, which should you choose?

If you want the pest problem to go away at the moment instantly, extermination might be your best bet. A more sustainable way to eliminate pests would be pest control.

The bottom line is the decision ultimately lies on you. Either way, you’ll need a professional’s help.

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