Why Are Bed Bugs Annoyingly Hard to Exterminate?

Bedbugs have made themselves part of human living since the ancient days, and they are getting even more comfortable.

The fight against these tiny creatures can always get tiresome and sometimes impossible, especially with the wrong products and skills.

Here is why it is so hard to eliminate them:

  • They multiply quickly
    Bed bugs reproduce based on their access to blood meals. One female bedbug can lay more than a hundred eggs at once. And remember, the average lifespan of a bedbug is about 7-12months.
    So, with the availability of human blood and “favorable” temperatures, the population of bedbugs can double in just 10days.
  • Bed bugs behavior
    These pests’ behavior makes it more difficult to exterminate them. They are active at night, and their small and flat bodies enable them to fit into any space.
    Plus, you will not find them nesting in one place; they wander everywhere.
  • They’ve become resistant to pesticides
    Pesticide application has always been an effective way to prevent and control bedbugs for a long time now.
    Unfortunately, bed bugs have also developed resistance towards some of these pesticides.

What’s the way forward?

With the advanced technology, there have been new effective methods of bedbug treatments.

One of those effective methods in residential bed bug extermination is the use of heat treatment.

The use of the Heat Assault 500X system has proven to be among the safest extermination methods. It’s not just safe for the environment but also for pets and human beings as well.

Plus, its application doesn’t cause damage to your property.

To get started on bedbug elimination, get in touch with a local bed bug extermination company.

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